Forum: GNU Radio timed_commands broken (gr-uhd / 3.7.1)?

7d89a70df32c0ae27c1235016f9e5441?d=identicon&s=25 "Marcus Müller" <> (Guest)
on 2013-08-16 19:42
(Received via mailing list)
Hello list,

after a lot of working, I finally came around to write a minimal example
to show what does not work.
To make it short: from python, calling
src = uhd.usrp_source(...)
src.set_command_time(uhd.time_spec(<a second in the future>))
does _not_ issue the tuning request a second in the future; it is
executed right away.
However, the next get_time_now() call happens a second delayed.

The complete test can be found under or cloned via
git clone

Could please someone verify this problem is specific to my system?

Thanks in advance,
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