Forum: Ruby-core Developers Meeting Summary for 2013-08-09

38b74ccb8896076ccd0adbab2eba0809?d=identicon&s=25 Aaron Patterson (tenderlove)
on 2013-08-11 06:51
(Received via mailing list)
Meeting summary:

## Frozen string syntax (#8579)

A special syntax for string literals which would create frozen strings
proposed.  The new syntax would be something like `%f{ ... }` and `%F{
... }`.
An alternative syntax using a suffix notation like `"..."f` or
`%q(...)o` was
proposed.  Matz was positive about adding this type of feature, but not
about specific notation, whether to have the `%f` syntax, a suffix, or

The idea should be presented at the next developers meeting for decision
syntax.  If no better syntax was proposed, this would be approved.

## `Hash#+` (#6225)

Someone wanted `+` to be an alias of `merge` on Hash.  Matz was
concerned that
adding was not the same as merging.  The ticket was rejected.

## Deprecate `::` for method calls (#8377)

Removing `::` as syntax for method calls was proposed.  Some see it as
confusing to new comers, as the syntax is also used for constant
(not just method calling).  The impact of removing such a feature was
too large, and Matz rejected the ticket.

## `Process.clock_gettime` (#8658) (tenderlove)

A new method as a system call wrapper for accessing a monotonic clock
proposed.  Matz approved the feature but since this is a low level API
said "It's OK to add clock_gettime to CRuby", but "it will not be a part
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