Forum: Ruby on Rails capybara tests always returning true

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on 2013-07-23 19:25
(Received via mailing list)
Hi guys,

I am using a test setup with rspec (2.8.0) , capybara (2.0.2),
selenium-webdriver (2.27.2), rails 3.0.20 and ruby 1.8.7

My problem is that every request test I have doing something like:

page.should have_content("random string")

is returning always true, even though the page has no random string.

I have tried changing the driver for js that capybara uses from selenium
rack_test, but I dont even run the test with the js => true option. But
saw on some post that it could help. but it did not.

I am feeling a little lost since everytime I found a post with a similar
problem it was do to some other gem. But I am working in a big project
can't really uninstall and reinstall a gem one by one, to see this.
has experienced the same?

all the best,

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