Forum: GNU Radio Waveform generation

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2bb4571a0878293f26471386775c9625?d=identicon&s=25 Br K. (bkphat)
on 2013-06-02 08:32
Hi - I would like to use GNU radio to take a stream of bits and modulate
it into a wave form that I can pass to the DAC of my microcontroller.
All I seem to be getting out of my PSK modulator is a complex base band
output. How can I take this to create a time series (waveform) that I
can either store in a file or send over RS232 to my uC? I'm not sure
where and how to select carrier frequencies or do the conversion from
the complex output.

Alternatively, assuming I have a non-complex input stream (actual ADC
values): how do I feed this into a demodulator? I'm assuming I will need
to use some form of the stream conversation tools?

Any help would be dearly appreciated. Thank you,
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