Forum: Ruby Specified module could not be found? - Nokogiri on Windows 7 64-bit, Ruby 2.0.0

Abdb670e1c130f96f947a94d03c02efa?d=identicon&s=25 Eric Christopherson (echristopherson)
on 2013-05-28 23:29
(Received via mailing list)
I'm trying to use Nokogiri on Windows 7 on a 64-bit PC (using 64-bit
Windows and DevKit). I just installed the xml2/xslt/iconv/zlib libs from (for which I moved
include/libxml2/libxml into include/libxml; I suppose I could have just
adjusted --with-xml2-include), and then installed Nokogiri. It seemed to
build the native extension fine.

However, when I try to require Nokogiri, I get:

`require':LoadError: 126: The specified module could not be found.   -

outputs "PE32+ executable for MS Windows (DLL) (console) Mono
/.Net assembly".

What am I doing wrong? I get the same results with `gem install --pre
nokogiri ...`.
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