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2d1b64aaf61046ad166db3009fa8c7dc?d=identicon&s=25 Charles Monteiro (Guest)
on 2013-05-16 20:21
(Received via mailing list)
Can somebody in the jrubyfx enumerate the steps to creating a reusable
jrubyfx app aka custom control. I see the demo.rb example but I rather
not go on what I think I understand i.e. there's a bit of magic there.
Also btw, perhaps there will be a chapter in the new edition of the
Jruby book :) , notice that there is no wiki entry for jrubyfx nor
mention as a Desktop GUI option.

My main issue currently with it is that if by default I want to make any
JavaFX app reusable which is what I'm used to in Smalltalk (un-necessary

Therefore it seems I must start the fxml with the fx:root construct. Ok,
but if I do that then jrubyfx complains that the root has not been set
i.e. via setRoot. My mode of operation is that any app I write can be
embedded in any other app therefore I'm hoping I can always setup the
fxml with a root construct and I'll apply my own extensions to make the
glue automatic. Is that possible and how ?

Finally it might be helpful to explain what I'm trying to implement. I
want a left nav where a hierarchical  menu sits whose leaf nodes
represent apps in the system. Double clicking them will create a new tab
in the tab navigator located  the center  whose contents will now expose
an instance of the app in question. I can open multiple instances of the
same app class i.e. all separate independent instances each with their
own state.


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