Forum: Inkscape 3D .STL capabillity

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on 2013-03-26 05:50
(Received via mailing list)
I think it would be nice it there was a way to make simple .STL (3D)

Now I know that inkscape isn't aimed at true 3D but the ease of use of
inkscape is hard to find in any 3D modeling software.
Now i'm not proposing to transform Inkscape into a full blown 3D
modeling app. But it would be nice if it was possible to make
something like this:
completely in inkscape without the need of external software..

And have an option to cut out a few holes lets say to make a mounting
This is something google came up with.

So it is 2.5D not fully 3D.

All that's needed is an extrude thickness, and something that renders it
to STL.

I'm not into coding, but I think this could be done? There are a few
other way's to do this but it would be wonderful if it could be done
without external apps.

Even better would be the full blown 3D transformation. But i'm not
sure if I dare to ask for that.
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