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Ee6ffca720cc428d70247dcd7377dd48?d=identicon&s=25 Kouhei Sutou (Guest)
on 2013-01-30 15:22
(Received via mailing list)

The Ruby-GNOME2 project released Ruby-GNOME2 1.2.1:

Many people help us for the release! Thanks!

This release fixes a crash bug on Mac OS X.

We can confirm that Ruby/GTK3 works on Windows. Thanks for
confirming it! But we have a problem for look & feel. So
this release bundles Greybird theme for Windows. It will
improve look & feel on Windows.

For Ruby/GTK2 and Ruby/GTK3, Gtk::TreeIter related memory
leak is fixed. If you are using Gtk::TreeIter, we recommend
that you upgrade to 1.2.1.

We add Ruby/WebKitGtk bindings. You can install it by the
following command:

  gem install webkit-gtk

It is implemented by GObject Introspection.

== Help us!

We want to replace existing bindings by GObject
Introspection based bindings. If the bindings is GObject
Introspection ready. To be specific, first we want to
replace Ruby/GStreamer and Ruby/GooCanvas with GObject
Introspection based bindings. We want you to help us for the

GStreamer and GooCanvas has many API. So their bindings
aren't completed yet. Their bindings are still
"experimental". And their bindings don't support the latest
version yet. (GStreamer 1.0.0 had been released!)
If we get GObject Introspection based bindings, we can
support the latest version semi automatically. Both
developers and users will be happy.

To be specific, we want you to port sample programs for them
to Ruby.

We create raw GObject Introspection based bindings of them.

For GStreamer:
For GooCanvas:

We want you to port sample programs of GStreamer and
GooCanvas to Ruby by requiring those bindings.

Here are work flows to start the work.

For GStreamer:

  % gem install gobject-introspection
  % git clone
  % cd ruby-gnome2/gstreamer
  % cd vim sample/xxx.rb
  require "gst-gi"
  # Port a sample
  % ruby -I sample sample/xxx.rb

You can find samples for GStreamer at

For example:

For GooCanvas:

  % gem install gobject-introspection
  % git clone
  % cd ruby-gnome2/goocanvas
  % cd vim sample/xxx.rb
  require "goocanvas-gi"
  # Port a sample
  % ruby -I sample sample/xxx.rb

You can find samples for GooCanvas at

We are happy that you send a pull request for a sample.

You may find a sample that can't be ported well. If you find
it, please tell us by pull request or sending an email to
this mailing list. The sample may use a feature that is not
implemented in Ruby/GObjectIntrospection.

== Ruby-GNOME2 1.2.1: 2013-01-30

GTK+ 3 support on Mac OS X release!

=== Changes

==== Ruby/GLib2

  * Improvements
    * Supported custom sudo prompt on auto native package install.
      [GitHub:126] [Suggested by Yorick Peterse]
    * Started to support JRuby. (It is not completed yet.)
      [GitHub:125] [Reported by vpereira]
    * Accepted unsigned long int size GType.
    * Removed DL support.
    * Don't call deprecated g_type_init() for GLib >= 2.35.1.

==== Ruby/GTK2

  * Fixes
    * Fixed a memory leak related Gtk::TreeIter.
      [GitHub:128] [Patch by Toshiaki Asai]

==== Ruby/GTK3

  * Fixes
    * Fixed a memory leak related Gtk::TreeIter.
      [GitHub:128] [Patch by Toshiaki Asai]
    * Fixed a crash bug caused by symbol conflict with Ruby/GDK3 on
      Mac OS X.
      [GitHub:127] [Reported by Sergio Campama] [Helped by Watson]

==== Ruby/GDK3

  * Improvements
    * [windows] Bundled Greybird theme.
      [Suggested by Regis d'Aubarede]

==== Ruby/GooCanvas

  * Improvements
    * Added Goo::Canvas#get_items_at [GitHub:124] [Patch by David

==== Ruby/WebKitGTK

  * Added

==== Ruby/GtkSourceView3

  * Improvements
    * Supported Windows.

=== Thanks

  * David Maciejak
  * Yorick Peterse
  * vpereira
  * Toshiaki Asai
  * Sergio Campama
  * Watson
  * Regis d'Aubarede

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