Forum: Ruby RubyInstaller 1.9.3-p362 released

E7cff3cfd41c495e1012227d7dc24202?d=identicon&s=25 Luis Lavena (luislavena)
on 2012-12-25 20:56
(Received via mailing list)
In combination with the rest of the RubyInstaller team, I'm very
pleased to announce the release of RubyInstaller packages for Ruby

As usual, installer and 7z packages are available at RubyInstaller
website and RubyForge for download:

For verification, MD5 signatures of each file released are provided:

6fa7b215270d09fb6008b0e7532ad4bf *ruby-1.9.3-p362-doc-chm.7z
04bf2ae795cd9d6e1a46903e8831d5b9 *ruby-1.9.3-p362-i386-mingw32.7z
8e9b26453ab6d79dc27f163da30bfdbe *rubyinstaller-1.9.3-p362.exe

Installer is also digitally signed to avoid alterations and UAC

You can read Ruby's own announcement here:

= What's new?

Beyond what is covered by Ruby itself, we have our own set of

* Enhancements:
  * Upgraded Ruby 1.9.3 to patchlevel 362

* Bugfixes:
  * Fix Japanese support in the installer. #139 #142 [mame]

= Alternate download links

Sometimes RubyForge might have issues when trying to download the above

Please try adding "/noredirect" to the file download URLs so skip the
RubyForge's mirror functionality.

If that still doesn't work, try using RubyInstaller CDN directly by
above filenames combined with the archive folder:<...
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