Forum: Ruby on Rails Imap not returning emails while scaning inbox

5de34f53b21201c126dccbb82b2ec77c?d=identicon&s=25 Lucky Nl (lucky1234)
on 2012-11-27 12:28
  am using Imap I have an emails in my account
I have scanned emails around 11 am IST but am not scanned emails.If i
put scan_since with previous day like 24.hours.ago then am not get

I have started scan emails again in the afternoon around 3pmISt.Now am
able to scan emails with 6 hours.ago .Now emails scanning only after 12
Pm.Not scanning emails which i received around 11:30Am

Can any one face same issue.Please share your experiences.
My intention is should scan all emails which i received today and should
work scan in hours  i.e like 6 hours.ago,8hours.ago etc..
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