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nexy_sm (Guest)
on 2012-10-25 15:09
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all,

I would like to design burst detector, which will have a bit
intelligence in
order to avoid stort pulses recording. So far I was dealing with similar
stuff, but I was using microcontroller and plug and play analog
There I was making decision whether signal has enough power or not by
RSSI value, available at frontent's pin. I had very simple averaging
of microcontroller in order to have noise level, and time constant of
filter was quite big. So, i was only comparing noise level with current
signal strength.
Now I would like to make something similar. I wonder what is the usual
to detect whether the signal is present in the receiver or not. Do you
that i need both signal level detector and preamble "finder" or it can
only with preamble "finder". Since I am dealing with 434MHz ISM band
FSK modulation scheme, the preamble is simple 0 1 0 1 ...


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