Forum: GNU Radio Northern hemisphere notice: Winter is approaching

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Patrik Tast (Guest)
on 2012-10-22 23:00
(Received via mailing list)
A note for those who receive >= 1 GHz and have their antennas outside at
>60 North (I'm at +63 North). Water/Ice/Snow will attenuate your signal
dramatically if you don't protect your antenna.

A sample when air temperature was +2C and dish temperature was -1C (1.5m
prime focus).

The signal should have been (left/right) straight arc lines *not hairy
FFT*. But now it was full of ice and erroneous since it was uncovered.

A simple solution could be to cover it with foam and have a fan blowing
in +C air and one sucking out. The dish/antenna should always be dry
(>1013 mbar)

Just a reminder when receiving microwave up North,
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