Forum: Ruby on Rails Globally keyed cache fragments across all controllers

979c3d4bf493789000abe2eba635a4a4?d=identicon&s=25 Jake Blake (jblake)
on 2012-08-02 07:11
In the documentation for fragment caching
this is stated:

  If you don’t want the cache block to bind to the action that called
it, You can also use globally keyed fragments by calling the cache
method with a key, like so:

  <% cache('all_available_products') do %>
    All available products:
  <% end %>

  This fragment is then available to all actions in the
ProductsController [...]

Is it possible to add a globally keyed cache fragment that is available
in _all_ controllers, not just ProductsController as in the example
above? I plan on having a list of the top 10 items of one of my models,
in my layout, so it'd be ideal to have that cached globally.
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