Forum: Rails Germany RoR in London from Germany?

90ebfe6f97cb5f23dde383d215f66dcb?d=identicon&s=25 Louis Goff-Beardsley (louisror)
on 2012-07-31 15:47
Hi Germany!

Have you ever considered working in London, the Ruby-on-Rails capital of
Europe? If you've ever looked for a job in England before you may have
heard of me I'm the #1 RoR recruiter in the UK.

Salaries are going through the roof - Far Higher then anywhere else in

Senior/Lead Ruby-on-Rails Developer: up-to-£70k

Mid Level Ruby-on-Rails Developer: up-to-£55k

Junior Ruby-on-Rails Developer: up-to-£30k

Before you go any further
- add me to skype: LouisGB1
- add me to Linkedin: (send a
request to

There is a huge variety of teams working on some very exciting web
applications in a whole host of industries.

I have the connections and the marketing knowledge to help you...

- Rewrite your CV to present your skills and experience in the best
possible way.
- Schedule you multiple interviews so you only have to come over to the
UK on one trip rather then multiple trips.
- Fully prepare you for interviews.

Get in contact and we can discuss what you are looking for ASAP!

[Louis Goff-Beardsley]
   > Ultra-Specialized Independent Ruby-on-Rails Recruitment.
   > Software Sales, Business Development & AC Acquisition for the RoR
   > Skype: LouisGB1
   > Email:
   > Land Line: (+44) 0 1183 276 608
   > Mobile:  (+44) 0 7825 338 966
   > Twitter: @LouisRoR
   > LinkedIn:
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        \/      \/             \/          \/     \/     \/

IRC: LouisGB - #LRUG, #NWRUG, #ruby, #rubyonrails

“Louis found my dream job for me. He took a lot of time to get to know
me and what I was looking for. He’s obviously got a lot of connections
and was able to offer me a variety of roles. Louis actually knows what
he’s talking about when it comes to Ruby-on-Rails, which is pretty much
unique for a recruiter. He gave me advice on what course of action is
best for me, helped me rewrite my CV as I was underselling myself and
prepared me for my interviews. Highly recommended!” Michal K - May 9,
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