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Kouhei Sutou (Guest)
on 2012-07-22 01:33
(Received via mailing list)

The Ruby-GNOME2 project released Ruby-GNOME2 1.1.4:

This is a easy to install release!

If you are on Debian, Red Hat, Fedora or Mac OS X, related
native packages are installed automatically. For example,
you type "gem install gtk2" then "sudo apt-get install -V -y
libgtk2.0-dev" is ran automatically on Debian GNU/Linux.

=== Install

  % gem install gtk2

=== Changes

==== All

  * Improvements
    * Supported automatic required native packages install.

==== Ruby/GLib2

  * Improvements
    * mkenums: Supported "/* < flags > */" tag.
    * mkenums: Supported two or more upper case characters such as "IO".
      * Before: GIOStatus -> g_iostatus
      * After:  GIOStatus -> g_io_status
    * GIOCondition: Changed to GLib::Boxed object from integer.
    * GLib::Source#attach doesn't require context.

  * Fixes
    * Fixed wrong type conversion for GIOCondition.

==== Ruby/GIO2

  * Improvements
    * Gio::Socket#create_source: Supported callback.

  * Fixes
    * Fixed return values.
    * Fixed wrong type conversions.

==== Ruby/GTK2

  * Improvements
    * Re-supported GTK+ 2.10.0. [GitHub:115] [Patch by Grant Schoep]

  * Fixes
    * Fixed a typo in test script.
      [GitHub:109] [Reported by kimura wataru]

==== Ruby/GStreamer

  * Fixes
    * Fixed a test failure with GStreamer 0.10.36.
      [GitHub:111] [Reported by mtasaka]

=== Thanks

  * kimura wataru
  * mtasaka
  * Grant Schoep

4828d528e2e46f7c8160c336eb332836?d=identicon&s=25 Robert Heiler (shevegen)
on 2012-07-23 18:48
Thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially kou!
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