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Ea709f90f49ba0b43b06cb30abe5d2b2?d=identicon&s=25 Igor P. (rooby)
on 2012-07-08 02:39
I used to prepare my glade files with the following command:

 ruby-glade-create-template > screen_a.rb

However, after I've installed "vrm" and "Ruby 1.9.3", I subsequently
lost my "libglade2" library. Earlier I also noticed that for "Glade
3.6.x" output  files changed format so  "ruby-glade-create-template"
command did not work with the new format. More precisely, XML elements
<glade-interface> and <widget class=... > elements were changed to
<interface> and <object class=... > respectively. I could not find any
documentation anywhere about these changes.

It seems that "Visual Ruby" is working without "libglade2", however, it
it would be nice if these things were documented somewhere, particularly
if one desires to work with raw Glade output files, i.e. without "Visual

Does anybody know what is going on?
C37e335e7250698ebcc8a092a4baded3?d=identicon&s=25 Eric C. (eric_c)
on 2012-07-11 05:46

I'm sorry about your problems.  The changes to the glade format are just
a product of the newer glade version.  You can try using an older
version of glade if you like, but I would think that you would want to
run at least version 3.6 to keep current.

The glade-create-template program is a very old script.  Do you really
need to use it?

If I remember correctly it just outputs a simple skeleton script from a
glade file.  It seems obsolete to me.  Please explain what you're trying
to do.  Perhaps I can help you.

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