Forum: JRuby [ANN] Ruboto 0.7.0 released!

4bfcb18ca5298df54d8eb410244d004f?d=identicon&s=25 Uwe Kubosch (donv)
on 2012-07-06 00:29
(Received via mailing list)
The Ruboto team is proud to announce the release of Ruboto M.m.p.

Ruboto is a framework for writing full Android apps in Ruby. It includes
support libraries and generators for creating projects, classes, tests,
and more.

New in version 0.7.0:


* Issue #147 Class oriented definition of activities, services,
broadcast receivers and callback objects
* Issue #194 Update AndroidManifest.xml when files is
* Issue #197 Support signing APKs with Java 7
* Issue #198 Support for running Ruboto tests on Android 4.1 api level


* Issue #144 Printing stack traces fails
* Issue #173 Default icon name has changed for Android 4


* Issue #103 Redefine public interface
* Issue #200 Split Script responsibilities into JRubyAdapter and Script.
* Issue #202 Tightened the public API of JRubyAdapter and Script


* Issue #151 Stop releasing the ruboto-core compatibility gem
* Issue #180 Stop support for upgrading from Ruboto 0.1.0 and older
* Issue #181 Stop support for developing Ruboto with Android SDK 13 and
* Issue #184 Drop support for JRuby 1.5.6 and JRuby 1.6.2


* Issue #179 Ensure SpyCam example picture is rotated correctly when the
device is rotated (portrait/landscape)

You can find a complete list of issues here:


To use Ruboto, you need to install a Java JDK, the Android SDK, Apache
ANT, and a Ruby implementation.  Then do (possibly as root)

gem install ruboto

To create a project do

ruboto gen app --package <>

You can find an introductory tutorial at

If you have any problems or questions, come see us at


Uwe Kubosch
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