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on 2012-06-21 04:51
(Received via mailing list)
mime-types version 1.19 has been released!

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* code: <>
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* rdoc: <>

This library allows for the identification of a file's likely MIME
type. This is release 1.19 with new MIME types. The identification of
content type is based on a file's filename extensions.

MIME::Types for Ruby was originally based on and synchronized with
for Perl by Mark Overmeer, copyright 2001 - 2009. As of version 1.15,
the data
format for the MIME::Type list has changed and the synchronization will
longer happen.


## 1.19 / 2012-06-20
* New MIME Types:
  * XCF Gnome Images (image/x-xcf, image/x-compressed-xcf; .xcf).
  * Types reported in
    * DV (video/x-dv; .dv)
    * IVF (video/x-ivf; .ivf)
    * Matroska (video/x-matroska; .mkv)
    * Motion JPEG (video/x-motion-jpeg; .mjpg)
    * RealMedia (official; application/vnd.rn-realmedia; .rm)
* New extensions:
  * dcm (application/dicom);
  * Types reported in
    * 3g2, 3gpp2 (video/3gpp2)
    * mpeg (video/mpeg)
    * mxf (application/mxf)
    * ts (video/MP2T)
    * ogg (video/ogg)
* Fixed MIME Types:
  * Adobe AIR application installer packages was missing a hyphen.
  * Types reported in
    * audio/x-pn-realaudio extension is .ra, not .rm.
* Resolved
Apparently some people run the tests on Linux. Imagine that.
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