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on 2012-06-20 21:36
require "rubygems"
require "watir"
require "test/unit"
require "gtk2"
require "cucumber"

class TC1_google_search < Test::Unit::TestCase

  Given /^that I have gone to the enroll page$/ do

  When /^I select "([^"]*)" option$/ do |item|
    if item == 'Residential', "client_client_type_residential").set
    else, "client_client_type_small_business").set

  Then /^<"(.*),"(.*)">, should be mentioned in the results$/ do
    @browser.html.include?(item2,item3).should == true



when run the cucumber file with netbeans appear this message: undefined
method `Given' for TC1_google_search:Class (NoMethodError)

maybe because the sentences cucumber it's into class ?
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