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Ff97ca87af59ee68ceff5877a8365788?d=identicon&s=25 Jarmo Pertman (juuser)
on 2012-04-23 20:56
Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce that Watir 3 has been finally released!

Its biggest goal is to conform even better with WatirSpec making it more
compliant with Watir-WebDriver.

Changelog is quite long, but reading it makes your life easier:
* Browser#status returns an empty string if status bar is disabled in
* Browser#style fixed for IE9
* #execute_script evaluates JavaScript code inside of an anonymous
function - use "return" statement if value is needed by Ruby
* #execute_script returns nil instead of 'undefined'
* drag and drop fixed for IE9
* Window#current? and Window#== are more robust
* all html elements are now supported (even html5 ones)
* CookieManager removed
* cookies API support added
* drag and drop API support added
* Element#(before|after)? removed
* Element#(before|after)_text removed
* Browser#cell(s) and Browser#row(s) removed
* Browser#Element camelCase methods removed, use under_score methods
* Browser#element(s) supports only general attributes like :id, :title,
:class_name, :text, :html and such
* Browser#modal_dialog improved
* Browser#send_keys and Element#send_keys have now same syntax as
specified in WatirSpec
* Element#style returns internal styles only for IE9, inline style will
be returned for IE8
* Table#each removed - use Table#(trs|rows).each instead
* Table#row(s) and Table#cell(s) added which ignore inner tables - use
#td/#tr for all.
* raise an Exception if more locators are specified with :xpath/:css
* searching by :xpath and :css code rewritten
* Browser#textarea(s) method for searching <textarea> elements
* Element#focus works with IE9
* Element#focused? returns the state of focus on that element
* Element#to_subtype returns Element if non-supported tag found instead
of crashing
* searching by :class will match now partially like other tools behave
(e.g. jQuery)
* Button#text returns value if exists instead of text
* Browser#goto prepends url automatically with http:// if scheme is
* Browser#element(s)_by_(xpath/css) are now private methods - use
#element(:css => ...) and #element(:xpath => ...) instead
* Browser#label supports searching by :for attribute
* Browser#options method for searching <option> elements
* Browser#body, #thead, #tfoot, #tbody, #frameset and #fieldset added
* Browser#window and Browser#windows added implementing window switching
* Element#present? returns false if exception is thrown by #exists? or
* Element#style returns CSS text instead of OLE object
* Element#text returns an empty string for non-visible elements
* Element#parent returns correct instance of Element class (e.g. Div
instead of Element)
* Element#focus focuses document before focusing on the element
* Element#right_click and Element#double_click added
* Element#to_subtype added which returns specific instance of
Watir::Element subclass
* Element#send_keys added
* Element#eql? as an alias for Element#== added
* Element#tag_name added
* ElementCollection#[] method supports negative indexes like regular
* ElementCollection#[] returns always an object, even if the index is
out of bounds
* FileField#set and Image#save uses correct Windows file path (e.g.
convert "\"-es into "/"-es)
* FileField#set raises Errno::ENOENT instead of WatirException if file
doesn't exist
* FileField#value= as an alias for FileField#set added
* Font#color, #face and #size added
* Form#submit triggers onSubmit event and doesn't submit the form if
event's callback returns false
* Frame#execute_script added
* Image#file_size, #height and #width return integer instead of a string
* Image#save blocking fixed
* Meta#content and #http_equiv added
* Option code rewritten, causing changes in its API
* SelectList code rewritten, causing changes in its API
* SelectList#(selected_)options returns now Options collection instead
of an array of strings
* Table and its subelements code rewritten, causing changes in its API
* Table#strings and #hashes added
* TextField#label added
* searching elements will find only correct types - e.g. using
Browser#div returns only DIV element even if all other provided
selectors match
* all selectors and tag of the element needs to match even if searching
by :id
* supporting html5 data-* attributes by using :data_* for locating and
#data_* for retrieving attribute values
* many other internal changes

Please try it out by executing:
gem install watir

Check out more from and

With Best Regards,
Jarmo Pertman
Ryan Davis (Guest)
on 2012-04-23 21:00
(Received via mailing list)
On Apr 23, 2012, at 11:56 , Jarmo Pertman wrote:

> Changelog is quite long, but reading it makes your life easier:

I recommend sorting the list next time. That way related items (mostly)
naturally group.
Ff97ca87af59ee68ceff5877a8365788?d=identicon&s=25 Jarmo Pertman (juuser)
on 2012-04-23 21:23
Ryan Davis wrote in post #1058028:
> On Apr 23, 2012, at 11:56 , Jarmo Pertman wrote:
>> Changelog is quite long, but reading it makes your life easier:
> I recommend sorting the list next time. That way related items (mostly)
> naturally group.

Thanks for the tip! Next time i'll pay more attention to that detail.

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