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Arseny Sizov (Guest)
on 2010-11-09 09:59
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all,

I need to implement .NET generic interface and pass this implementation
.NET generic method. Is it possible in IronRuby?

What I have in .NET:

interface Subscriber {
        void Subscribe<TMessage>(IMessagesListener<TMessage> listener)
where TMessage : IBasicMessage;

    public interface IMessagesListener<in TMessage>
        where TMessage : IBasicMessage
        void Handle(TMessage message);

I need to rewrite this code in ironruby:

class MyMessageListener <TMyMessage> :
            void IMessagesListener<TMyMessage>.Handle(TMyMessage


subscriber.Subscribe<TMyMessage>(new MyMessageListener<TMyMessage>());

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Arseny Sizov.


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