Forum: Inkscape Crop the clipped images in exported pdf

Eedbaeb8e3391e4d0f97fb28c437744d?d=identicon&s=25 Simon C. (simon_c62)
on 2012-04-11 11:15
I have a following problem: I import large images (png) into a svg file
and clip them to show only small interesting parts. When I export this
into pdf (or other formats that retain the vector nature of the figure),
the resulting file is gigantic as the entire images are saved. The size
overhead can be up to 60MB.

As far as I know, inkscape does not have a function to crop the images
this way. I found no usable tools that would crop the embedded images to
the bounding box of the clipping path in the resulting pdf file. Every
tool I find wants to downsample the images instead of remove useless

Conversion to eps and back does reduce the file but does so by
rasterizing the whole image.

Cropping all the images by hand is not really a good option, because
there are too many and you cannot change the clipping paths without
starting all over again.

I'm not sure if adobe acrobat pro does this, but I don't use windows and
I'm not prepared to buy or steal it just to use this function.

Are there any inkscape extensions that would handle this automatically?

Does anyone know any tools that can process the pdf this way and not
break everything? Or svg directly.

Should I report this as a feature request to add to the export function
of inkscape?
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