Forum: Rails deployment Couple of quick questions

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D297946274adfb1ba7e98cf717d295e7?d=identicon&s=25 Richard C. (lplman)
on 2012-04-05 13:23
Hi everyone,

As I've been developing I've often visited this forum in search of
answers, so thanks to everyone so far for that.

I just wanted to ask you real quick two things:

Is it ok for me to post newbie questions here? All the other threads
(almost) are more advanced than I will probably be talking about here,
so maybe I'm in the wrong place.

Secondly, how bad is it that it took me a minute to work out the simple
"what does this ruby print out" question on sign up. I read the to_s
part but still answered 5.5 the first time around. That's partly what
inspired me to actually start this thread.

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