Forum: Inkscape 02/25 IRC Meeting Agenda

33a0818cf14f6003a8b3197dd902c21c?d=identicon&s=25 Josh Andler (Guest)
on 2012-02-25 07:08
(Received via mailing list)
Hey all,

Here is a slightly modified agenda for the irc meeting in ~2 hours.
Sorry that the formatting is probably not ideal, it's my first shot as
this is the first official meeting that I can remember in the past 8
years. Just a reminder, the meeting is scheduled for UTC 02/25 0800.

*Inkscape packaging
*Inkscape 0.49
-Remaining refactoring goals
--Handling of svg:switch not as a kind of group, but as a
"transparent" element that is effectively replaced by the best choice
in the SP tree
--SVG 1.1 fallback for flowtext (probably depends on the above)
--UI & Document coordinates
--Markers matching stroke by default (user preference vs current
default behavior)
--Better architecture for LPEs (similar to SVG 2.0 vector effects)
--User visible version numbering
-Release Plan
*GSOC 2012
-Getting new students
-Implementation strategies
--Fallback support for older versions of the spec and inkscape
specific features (markers inheriting properties for example)
-Low hanging fruit
-Most important features to our userbase
--Helping Tavmjong with the Mesh branch
-Initial Vector Effects support (non-destructive boolean ops might be
a good target)
*CSS3 support
*Javascript support
*Membership changes on the Inkscape Board
*What we need in upstream libraries (including 2geom)
*Old/unfinished code
-Lessons learned
*Release schedule moving forward
-Fixed schedule
-Schedule timing
-Developer needs
-Translator needs
*Platform specific issues (and responsibilities)
*Regular IRC Meetings (monthly is ideal, quarterly would be as a good

Looking forward to seeing whoever shows up. I want to have these
meeting be painless, but this initial one might be a little more
in-depth given that it's our first and we probably have a bit to
share/discuss and document. I will try to keep us focused if we stray.

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