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Enrico Sada (Guest)
on 2011-08-05 18:45
(Received via mailing list)
I am implementing IO#binread for workitem 6345

The rubyspec for IO#binread is missing, so i added it with pull
request to rubyspec/rubyspec ( these are my first contributions so i
want to have feedback about how to write rubyspec ).

Now rubyspec and mspec are added to ironruby repo, so someone need
mantain it and send the changes to rubyspec/rubyspec.

I think we can use submodules for that, one for rubyspec and one for
The submodules are in the old rubyspec and mspec directories, so nothing

There are some advantage:

- we can directly commit to rubyspec/rubyspec and let rubyspec authors
manage changes
- easy to update and test new rubyspec versions (stable or head)

Using an IronLanguages/rubyspec clone as submodule we have the same
workflow we have now (ironruby contrib send rubyspec change to
IronLanguages/rubyspec and after ironruby send these to
rubyspec/rubyspec )

My pull request link submodules to my personal rubyspec clone
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