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F3f27949240208ffe170ff8ba6abe6ea?d=identicon&s=25 Arthur Chan (arthurccube)
on 2010-09-11 16:49
HI All,

I've just succeeded to upgrade my rails to 3.0.

However, all my translation are missing no matter what locale I set.

I can run 'rake makemo'

and I tried to add and remove the following I18n.backend in my

I18n::Backend::Simple.send(:include, I18n::Backend::Fallbacks)
I18n::Backend::Simple.send :include, I18n::Backend::Gettext
I18n::Backend::Simple.send :include,

My Gemfile:
gem 'gettext'
gem 'i18n'

Please help! I am frustrated...

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