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Babos C. (Guest)
on 2010-04-06 16:03

I`m having trouble with acts_as_feret gem. It renders no results.

First I < require 'acts_as_ferret' > in enviroment.rb.
Then I use < acts_as_ferret > in every model I need. (user, spec,

I made a serch form partial.

<% form_tag({ :action => "Search" }, :method => "get") do %>
    <div class="search">
      <label for="q">Search:</label>
      <%= text_field_tag "q", params[:q] %>
      <input type="submit" value="Search" />
<% end %>

And in the controller:

  def search
    if params[:q]
      query = params[:q]
      @users = User.find_with_ferret(query, :limit => :all)
      specs = Spec.find_with_ferret(query, :limit => :all)
      detalii = Detalii.find_with_ferret(query, :limit => :all)

      hits = specs + detalii
      @users.concat(hits.collect { |hit| hit.user }).uniq!

      @users.each { |user| user.spec ||= }
      @users = @users.sort_by { |user| }
      @users = @users.paginate(:page => params[:page], :per_page => 10)

running on:

windows 7
ruby 1.8.6
rails 2.3.4
acts_as_ferret 0.4.4
ferret 0.11.5-x86-mswin32
(using will_paginate for pagination)

Can someone please help me or give me some advice it would be much
appreciated! And I would like to go on with ferret for now not with

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