Forum: Ferret acts as ferret in dev not working

0de83fd56f1af530034ba8efa5490b1b?d=identicon&s=25 John Butler (johnnybutler7)
on 2009-11-13 09:59

I have acts as ferret working ok on the production server with the built
in drb server.

Locally i can get the server running ok but get the following errors
when trying to run a search within an app

undefined method `find_with_ferret' for #<Class:0x2f4c3e0>
undefined method `ferret_rank=' for #<Product:0x302643c>

Using the console the search actually returns the expected the results
which is baffling me a bit. So
Product.find_with_ferret('test') will work in the console but not in the

I have the same version of ferret locally as i do on the production
I can rebuild the indexes ok.
The indexes i have are sharedindex, see below,

 :models => {
   Product  => {:fields => [:name, :desc, :meta_keywords, :meta_desc,
:manufacturer_name],:remote => true},
   HostApplication => {:fields => [:name, :desc, :meta_keywords,
:meta_desc], :remote => true},
   Manufacturer => {:fields => [:name, :desc, :meta_keywords,
:meta_desc], :remote => true},
   Category => {:fields => [:name, :desc, :meta_keywords, :meta_desc],
:remote => true}

Has anybody got any ideas whats wrong?  Ive searched around google with
no joy.  My dev env is mac, ruby 1.8.7, Rails 2.3.2,

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