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Dave Christiansen (Guest)
on 2009-11-04 17:11
(Received via mailing list)
So far I've found internationalization with Rails to be a very pleasant
experience. But I've run into trouble trying to translate model names
and I need a little help.

Here's my fr.yml:
person: Personne
last_name: "Nom de Famille"

Please forgive me if the French is bad - I'm just using it as a
bootstrap example and it's not an official translation.

Last name is a required field and when I try to save I get this error:

translation data {:person=>"Personne"} can not be used with :count => 1

And here's some more information from Rails:

Extracted source (around line #28 ): 25:
26: <% content_for :title do %>
27:   Edit Morbidity Event: <%= h(patient_name) %>
28: <% end %>
30: <% content_for :tools_two do %>
31:   <%= save_buttons(@event) %>

RAILS_ROOT: /home/david/trisano-ee/webapp Application Trace | Framework
Trace | Full Trace

Anybody have any ideas what's going on?

Thanks in advance for the help .

Dave Christiansen
Senior Developer
Collaborative Software Initiative
503-545-5350 (CSI TriSanoâ„¢ Support)
317-966-6154 (personal)
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