Forum: Rails I18n Translate Pages

F3f27949240208ffe170ff8ba6abe6ea?d=identicon&s=25 Arthur Chan (arthurccube)
on 2009-08-21 12:23
Hi Guys,


Our website supports both Chinese and English. We found that there are
many cases need different ways of translation.

a. For the views, we can translate words easily using the "_('hello
world')" functions.

b. For the static pages, we are using the:
/contact_us.html (for english)
/locale/zh_TW/contact_us.html (for chinese)

Nevertheless, there are two more cases I don't know how to translate way
are better:

c. Error page:
I don't know whether the "_()" function works

d. Server is down page:
when Rails is down, the lighttd may redirect to another static page.


How should we translate these four cases?

I am thinking whether we should load the English and then translate
using AJAX (or push the languages content to client and load it using

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