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5c7e8389ca901eaa30ac9d343339c5e1?d=identicon&s=25 Santosh T. (santuhvr)
on 2009-07-16 19:44

Hello Guys,

    As our pids are getting lost again and again, we need to restart
mongrel_cluster again and again, I have one doubt that , for this we may
need to configure mongrel_cluster.yml, but I can find in that for the
port 3000, and we are checking the status, start and stop as

mongrel_rails cluster::restart -C /etc/mongrel_cluster/t11.conf   which
does for port 8000.

and if we do mongrel_rails cluster::restart , it does for port 3000

so in /etc/mongrel_cluster/t11.conf we have for port 8000.  So do we
need to reconfigure mongrel_cluster.yml ? Please help.
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