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0ce4db5e1083663c575158643313852c?d=identicon&s=25 Perry Smith (pedzsan)
on 2009-05-16 01:22
I have a strange set up where my Rails app is essentially a front end
for a legacy system.  When I request comes in, the Rails application
asks the legacy system "is the data I have cached up to date?"  If it is
not, then I fetch a fresh copy and in that case, I would have to redraw
the page.

But in the case that my cache is up to date and I already have page or
an action or a fragment cached, I'd like to use what has been cached.

So, would it work to use action or fragment caching, and if I update the
database during the early part of the request, I delete the action or
fragment that has been cached and continue on; otherwise I do not do the
delete and if it has been cached, it will work normally?

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