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2219b363feb10ee316dbb7ad9741114f?d=identicon&s=25 Ben Morrow (benmorrow)
on 2009-05-15 23:16
Just wanted to give a shout out to all the Radiant developers.

I had been getting a bit disconcerted because the mailing
list/discussion forum hadn't been very active lately. ...but then I
ventured over to the Radiant Blog and found out that a lot of great work
has been going on.

News for those who haven't been over there lately:

* The Wiki is now over at GitHub
* Radiant Hack Day happened on April 25th
* Radiant 0.8.0-RC1 has been released with the final version to follow
* The new "blade" user interface will be included in 0.8.0
* We had a session at RailsConf discussing the Blade interface, i18n,
and building extensions

So thanks to Sean Cribbs, John Long, Keith Bingman, Steven Southard,
John Muhl, Jim Gay, and all of the recent contributers to Radiant. You
guys are greatly appreciated by the community.
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