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Fd4910a54e436dd1f87dc7dcebaee21f?d=identicon&s=25 Thomas Enebo (Guest)
on 2009-05-01 22:42
(Received via mailing list)
The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.3.0RC1


JRuby 1.3.0RC1 is a release to fix some issues which prevented JRuby
working with Google App Engine (GAE/J).  We decided to put out a shorter
release so that users interested in GAE/J could get going without
needing to
build JRuby from scratch.

****Please try your apps against 1.3.0RC1 ASAP and report problems****

- Fixes so that JRuby runs in restricted environments better like GAE/J
- Accessing primitive Java arrays are about 10x faster
- timeout.rb is now ~40% faster
- irb works in --1.9 mode now
  - Additional Miscellaneous 1.9 fixes
- rubygems 1.3.2 and rspec 1.2.6 upgrades
- 22 bugs fixed since 1.2.0

Key       Summary
JRUBY-3566     bug in multiplication
JRUBY-1401     Pathname#realpath fails for Windows drive letters
JRUBY-3490     Object#instance_exec only works with blocks of 3
parameters or less?!
JRUBY-3423     When using ActiveSupport, YAML dump/load of 3.0 returns
JRUBY-3517     Incorrect self in a multiple assignment
JRUBY-3514     RUBY_PATCHLEVEL should be a Fixnum instead of String
JRUBY-3533     YAML.load fails on Base64 encoded binary data created by
yaml "Length of Base64 encoded input string is not a multiple of 4."
JRUBY-3516     Non-thread safe regex backrefs
JRUBY-2289 returns false for directories inside a
JRUBY-3551     ConcurrentModificationException in
JRUBY-3564     UDPSocket#bind should interpret the empty string as
INADDR_ANY, not loopback
JRUBY-3563     getsockname and getpeername should return a struct
JRUBY-3511     1.2.0: jruby --1.9 picks up the wrong path for loading
JRUBY-3166     Primitive type not being boxed when implementing a Java
JRUBY-3568     Threads don't appear to inherit the thread group of their
creating thread
JRUBY-3599     loop does not rescue StopIteration in --1.9
JRUBY-3610     StringIO#read given a buffer raises ArrayIndex error
JRUBY-3488     trap does not handle string as second argument
JRUBY-3481     JRuby test: test_command_line_switches.rb fails on Oracle
JRockit JVM
JRUBY-3537     FFI: initialize() is not called for Struct and
ManagedStruct instances
JRUBY-3565     TCPServer should bind to INADDR_ANY given empty string as
JRUBY-3461     Minor code conventions documentation typo
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