Forum: Radiant CMS login extension question for new radiant site

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Marc C. (Guest)
on 2009-04-22 04:53

I'm using Radiant to create a small website.  Part of the website needs
to interact with some custom tables in the database, such as user
account information, and will let the user add/edit/delete some custom
objects associated with their account.  I will need for new users to
sign up and login - but these users will not be editing any pages on the
site.  I don't think the current user system will work, am I right?

So basically, part of my website is a normal 'brochure-type' website,
which will try to get users to sign up.  The other part of the website
will be a normal Rails app or Radiant extension.

I searched the Radiant extension registry, but did not find any
extensions for custom user signup/login and session maintenance.  Does
anyone know of any that I missed and could use?  If not, I will create a
new extension.  Does anyone know which extension I could best use as a
starting point?

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