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745d8202ef5a58c1058d0e5395a78f9c?d=identicon&s=25 Eric Blossom (Guest)
on 2009-03-18 21:48
(Received via mailing list)
Hi Folks,

I know a few of you were having problems with certain gigabit ethernet
cards.  I've fixed a couple of what I think are relatively minor bugs
in how we were setting up the usrp2's ethernet PHY chip to advertise
our capabilities.

We now correctly advertise:

  That we ONLY do 1000BASE-T
  That we'd like to send PAUSE frames and will ignore any received PAUSE

The fix is in changeset [10634] in the trunk and I've uploaded a new
firmware binary for those of you who might like to try it:

With this change, the green LED on the RJ45 connector will no longer
light unless you're plugged into a device that can do gigabit

In addition, if you've got the debugging serial port hooked up, the
firmware will report the kind of flow control that was ultimately
negotiated.  If says anything other than

  ethernet flow control: WE_TX

it means that the device the usrp2 is hooked to wouldn't accept our
request for asymmetric flow control, and that as a result any
non-rate-limited transmission (e.g., is likely to
fail miserably.

We'll find a way to get this information back to the host app as part
of the VRT work that will come sometime after we get 3.2 out the door.

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