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B63501aa235ec0a016402b3d78543088?d=identicon&s=25 Andrea Fazzi (remogatto)
on 2009-02-16 21:15
ffi-wiiuse version 0.1.0
    by Andrea Fazzi


ffi-wiiuse is a ruby wrapper around wiiuse, a C library that handles
the connection with Nintendo Wiimote devices. The binding is based on
ruby FFI so it doesn't need any compilation step. Please, note that
ffi-wiiuse API is a mere translation of wiiuse C API: no idiomatic
ruby inside!


* 1 major enhancement
  * Birthday!


* full wrap around wiiuse C API
* support for:
  * buttons
  * motion sensing
  * IR tracking
  * expansion devices: nunchuk, classic controller, Guitar Hero 3
* based on FFI so it doesn't need compilation
* Ruby 1.9.1 compatible


See examples/example.rb.


* ffi >= 0.3.0 (development version)
* wiiuse C library


  git clone git://
  cd ffi-wiiuse
  sudo rake gem:install
Dc54184b3a7850a84686f00d4c5d9c4c?d=identicon&s=25 unknown (Guest)
on 2009-02-16 21:44
(Received via mailing list)
VTD-XML 2.5 is now released. Please go to
 to download the latest version.

Changes from Version 2.4 (2/2009)

* Added separate VTD indexing generating and loading (see for further info)
* Integrated extended VTD supporting 256 GB doc (In Java only).
* Added duplicateNav() for replicate multiple VTDNav instances sharing
XML, VTD and LC buffer (availabe in Java and C#).
* Various bug fixes and enhancements
Be30361bb0b0c495e3077db43ad84b56?d=identicon&s=25 Aaron Patterson (Guest)
on 2009-02-17 03:44
(Received via mailing list)
On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 05:15:20AM +0900, Andrea Fazzi wrote:
> ruby inside!
>   * buttons
>   * motion sensing
>   * IR tracking
>   * expansion devices: nunchuk, classic controller, Guitar Hero 3
>     controller

Will I finally be able to write a Ruby library that beats Guitar Hero
for me?
Ff9e18f0699bf079f1fc91c8d4506438?d=identicon&s=25 James Britt (Guest)
on 2009-02-17 07:48
(Received via mailing list)
Andrea Fazzi wrote:
> ruby inside!
Very cool.  I've been using wiiusej with JRuby and liking it.

Big upside to wiiusej for me is monster ease of making Wii GUI apps
using JRuby + Monkeybars. :)

But I will definitely look at this.


James Britt

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