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on 2009-01-31 08:53
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Reasons of Hard Drive Controller Failure and Data Recovery

When you are working on you computer and get an error message- 1782 Disk
Controller failure and it gives you the option to go into the boot or
When you try to boot it, it fails and displays just a black screen. When
boot it with bootable CD and try install the Operating system, it allows
to install but when you restart the system, it display some other error
messages and fails. It may be a strange problem for you and may put you

 This problem most commonly happens because of the disk controller
Disk controller is a circuit that allows your computer to communicate
hard drive. Today, hard drives contain inbuilt disk controllers. For
instance, hard drive called "SCSI drive" has in-built SCSI drive
*Reasons of Hard Drive Controller Failure and Data
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