Forum: Help me : problem in running rails application

3832c46fac01379dfa5b14c60fac8b5c?d=identicon&s=25 Vikas Gholap (vikas)
on 2008-12-23 08:07
Hello to all ,
I am new in ruby development, so please me, i am asking a very simple

Problem :
I created a simple greeting application

1.  F:\RubyProjects>rails chapterone

2. F:\RubyProjects\chapterone>rails script/generate controller

3. after that  i edit greeting_controller.rb

class GreetingController < ApplicationController
       def index
               @welcome_message="Welcome to your first rail application"

4. then i create a index.html.rb file in app/view/greeting folder

<h1><%=@welcome_message %></h1>

5. then i open browser http:\\localhost:3000/greeting

here i got a error

MissingSourceFile in GreetingController#index

So can any one suggest me , how to get out of this error.

Thank you,
Vikas Gholap.
Bec38d63650c8912b6ba9b557fb953b9?d=identicon&s=25 Roger Pack (rogerdpack)
on 2009-01-06 02:57
may want to ask in the rails forum :)
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