Forum: Ruby on Rails zip file not downloading properly in IE

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946503e1980de467e598464c3fb371f1?d=identicon&s=25 Raju Aralikatti (raju_k)
on 2008-12-01 05:42
Here is my code.

<%    require 'rubygems'
      require 'zip/zipfilesystem'
      content = ""
      content += "[InternetShortcut]\n"
      content += "URL="
      content += "\nIconFile=\n"
      File.delete("#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/ins_test/") if
        |zipfile|"MySite.url", 'w') { |f| f.puts "#{content}" }
      File.chmod(0777, "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/ins_test/")

      <a href="/ins_test/">download the shortcut icon

local - OS(ubuntu 8.04) When I download the zipped file in both IE &
firefox it is working properly.

Server - OS(red hat 5.2) In firefox zipped file is downloading properly
but not in IE.

I am not able to understand the situation, is it because of OS or my

Advance Thanks.
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