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C7b0ccc731a19b5ef63fe7eb9548915d?d=identicon&s=25 Jeff Lange (jlange6648)
on 2008-10-30 15:01
I need a method of allowing an authenticated user to establish a proxied
web session to a device via my rails app.  The user will not be able to
directly connect to the device due to subnets/firewalls, so all requests
need to be sent via the public web server.

I looked into just using apache's mod_proxy, but this requires
statically configuring all proxy entries in httpd.conf, and then those
entries are always there.  I need a way for a user to select a device
via my web app, and then if they have the proper security access, open a
web session to that device.

Does anyone know of a good way to accomplish this?  Any pre-made gems
out there do this?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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