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7b488e1be2db29c8489d80d59818b17e?d=identicon&s=25 Jeffrey 'jf' Lim (Guest)
on 2008-10-30 09:33
(Received via mailing list)
does anybody have this problem? I've been trying to login to submit a
ticket, but no luck so far... Have done several resets, + retries


In the meantime, here is your PSA:
"It's so hard to write a graphics driver that open-sourcing it would not
    -- Andrew Fear, Software Product Manager, NVIDIA Corporation
F8634aca904bc63cb047cb1bd93bdc74?d=identicon&s=25 Evan Weaver (eweaver)
on 2008-11-24 16:42
(Received via mailing list)
It works okay for me... do you get any error?

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