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A50dcaaf8e545e6cc1fb4e32919be6ad?d=identicon&s=25 Jason Garber (jgarber)
on 2008-10-25 23:20
Extension announcement: I updated an extension I wrote many months ago
to work with Radiant 0.6.9.  It does just what you think: host multiple
separate websites on one Radiant instance.  Similar to multi_site, but
everything--pages, snippets, and layouts--is separate and you can
specify which users have access to what sites.  You have to go to the
site's domain and log in to edit the site.  It's great for hosting
multiple clients on a small cluster.

You can find it here:

I intend to update it with regular expression matching like multi_site
has, but for now it's just the host name or * for a catch-all site.

Best of luck in the sprint!

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