Forum: Ferret Ferret "works", but only returns 1 item for a query :(

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9482ca73aaf2f85f3f541634fa9b788d?d=identicon&s=25 Bob G. (bobgratton)
on 2008-08-12 21:18
m trying to set up up a basic search bar that will search a table called
ads. It as 3 fields, the ID, TITLE and DESCRIPTION.

I put "acts_as_ferret" in the Ad model. and this code for the search

   1. <% form_tag({:action => "search"}, :method => "get") do %>
   2.   <div>
   3.       <label for="home_search">Keywords:</label>
   4.       <%= text_field_tag "q", params[:q] %>
   5.       <input type="submit" value="Search"/>
   6.   </div>
   7. <%end%>

And then in the controller for Search action I have:

   1. def search
   2.    if params[:q]
   3.      query = params[:q]
   4.      @results = Ad.find_by_contents(query, :limit => :all)
   5.    end
   6. end

And then in the search view I have this:

   1. <% @results.each do |i| %>
   2.   <%=i.title%>&nbsp;&nbsp;<%=i.description%><br/>
   3. <%end%>

It kinda works, but it only returns one record for any keyword I try
when I know it should return more. I tried rebuilding the Ferret index
and it doesn't help sad.

Am I missing something?
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