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710822041abbc30201949518149c36fc?d=identicon&s=25 Samuel A. (samuelgilman)
on 2008-07-26 05:50

The default URL for a new rails app is the index.html file in the Public

If you want to change the default to another page, do the following:

In the routes.rb file in the Public folder add the following code at the
lowest priority, or right before "end", the last word in the document:

   map.connect '', :controller => "controller_you_want_as_a_default"

- make sure you have an index.rhtml file in the view associated with the
controller you insert in the latter code.

- or make sure that you render/redirect the index def to an action with
a view.

- or follow your customizations if you have something besides index.html
as the default.
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