Forum: Ferret search entire database

081518952784b4fd06c4bae92c8a2566?d=identicon&s=25 Shyam Vijayakumar (vshyam121)
on 2008-06-20 19:56
  is there any way to search through all the models and display it
without having to loop through all the columns of each table?

I looked around and the only thing I could find was to specify :models
=> :all as an option when I call find_by_contents on a model. But that
doesn't work for me. It keeps only searching the model that I call
find_by_contents on. But even if that works I don't want to have to go
through all my models (I have a lot of them) and loop through each
column to output the search results.

Any easy methods to do this?

Thanks in advance.
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