Forum: Ruby The definitive list of ||= (OR Equal) threads and pages

D3fe2dc4435cdd79e58d3e1380a557a1?d=identicon&s=25 Ruby Freak (Guest)
on 2008-05-02 06:30
(Received via mailing list)
Since you can't search google groups for ||=. I have put this thread
together with links to all the threads about ||= from Comp.lang.ruby.

The next time someone asks about ||=, have them search for "Or Equal"


Please do rate it.

Threads from Google groups ruby:

Please explain nuances of ||=

The ||= assignment operator

What does "||=" mean?

Rick DeNatale
x ||= y, Redux

David A Black
A short-circuit (||=) edge case

usenet posts referred to in the google links above

SEO stuff to get y'all here.
OrEqual Or-Equal "OR EQUAL" double-pipe equal  pipe-pipe equal pipe
pipe equal
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