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0c524ccf32ec3b3ffac2a5426a02ecba?d=identicon&s=25 Erik Boling (schmode)
on 2007-07-27 01:06
So, when i first started to learn ruby *about a week or two ago*, my
cousin *who showed me ruby* had me start on a program called
hackety-hack, which is i type of tutorial thing, it kind of gives
programs a sort of gui also. But i have noticed you cant do some of the
same commands as on the irb main. In hackety-hack there was an
*ask* command, so you could do things like
var = ask("how old are you")...

Im wondering if/ or what is the acctual *ask* command?? Because im
trying to write a program for my dad *a chef* which vendors have the
cheapest prices, and its getting annoying writing out all their prices
into 2 different arrays. it would be nice if it could be like
Array_1 = ask("put in the 1st vendors prices)
Array_2 = ask("put in 2nd vendors prices) *and then i could go on and
subtract the two arrays*

Sorry if this is a totaly idiotic question :(!?
Much thanx for anyones help!
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