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1d9161badbedac9cb60524a1c33620d5?d=identicon&s=25 James Thompson (Guest)
on 2007-07-25 15:18
(Received via mailing list)
I'm building a set of snippets and things for some of the Radiant
extension coding I do for TextMate and thought I'd share the first
one for anyone who wants to start thinking up more along with me:

=== SNIP ===
desc %{  ${1:Tag description for Radiant tag reference.}}
tag "${2:tagname}" do |tag|
=== SNIP ===

Just open TextMate, go to the Bundles Menu and under the Bundle
Editor choose Edit Snippets. Then using the "Add" button in the lower
left corner of the Bundle Editor window choose 'New Snippet.' Give it
a name, I liked Define Radiant Tag, and then in the editing pane copy
everything between the SNIPs from above over the Syntax Summary. I
gave mine a tab trigger of 'tag' and you're done.

Now I just type tag, hit tab, enter my description, hit tab again,
given the tag a name and hit tab one last time and start coding.

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