Forum: Ruby on Rails licensing patterns?

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A049c3597983fdaaa2af2b0010c49abc?d=identicon&s=25 Tim Perrett (timperrett)
on 2007-07-24 12:17
Hey all

I was wondering what licensing patterns people had tried on this list?
I know there have been conversations about compiling code to make it
none readable and so forth, but the way I see it is that anything that
can be compiled (take java for instance) can be de-compiled, so
therefore if someone really wanted to read your source, there going to.
No matter what you put in place.

So I then started thinking, ok, well if they read the source, the only
way to stop an application working (or whatever) is to have a licensing
strategy. Has anyone done any ruby licensing type systems? Online
activation; license keys etc...


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